The Rian Group

The Rian Group

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

We decided we wanted to sell our current home in April 2015. We heard about the Rian Group and decided to give them a try. We had tried to sell our home last year with another company, it was an epic failure. After a few phone calls and a couple emails, we had an appointment set up for one of their agents to come to our home. We ended up with the President/CEO of The Rian Group as our Agent! Aaron Rian was very friendly, knowledgable and understood our needs. We set the price and the date that the house would go "live" on the market. April 1, 2015 was our date. I was skeptical about the house selling from our previous experience with a different Real Estate Company. I asked a very simple and direct question to Aaron...."Do you think our house will sell, and can you do it?" His reply was simple and to the point...."I know your house will sell and yes, I can do it." So here it is now March 31st, we already had one scheduled showing for the next day. I was thinking this is a good start right?!? It's not listed yet and one showing. Well here comes April 1st. House goes onto the markett live, within hours, 11 showings scheduled. Right on! We go through the showings and the day comes to a close. On April 2, 2015, I recieve a phone call at 8:30AM from Aaron Rian himself. We had our first offer! Not only our first offer, but at full asking price! Of course I am eager to accept. Aaron brings me back down and advises we should wait a little and see what the day brings. Some more showings happen on the house and we are now at 3:45PM. I get another phone call from Aaron stating we need to make a choice. A choice? We had mule offers throughout the day and Aaron compiled them all and we went over each one. We finally accepted an offer that was OVER what our asking price was! Yes, you read that correctly. Aaron Rian and The Rian Group got us a deal over our asking price. I would definitely tell you to use The Rian Group for the sale of your home! I don't know if you'd be as lucky as we were to have the Owner/President/CEO to be your Agent, but The Rian Group WILL sell your house. Totally a pleasant experience working with them. They are now assisting us with the purchase of our new home. Review on that to follow. Thank you to Aaron and The Rian Group!

-- Scott Walters
Home Sold: 664 51St Street Washougal, WA

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